Personal Computer Support

Mountain PC-MD is the premiere computer service center in the Rabun County area.  From Spyware removal to whole computer crashes, we deal with it all.  Got a new Tablet or internet ready TV?  We can help connect all your wireless devices to your home network.  Are you tired of having to bug your grandchildren to show you how to send emails or post on facebook?  The computer doctor is happy to be your “Grandson For Hire” and answer all your technical questions…he’ll even program that universal remote to work your satellite and your TV at the same time.  Do you have two or more computers in the house but only one printer?  We can network that printer so that everyone in your home can enjoy printing pictures or homework assignments. Not only does the Computer Doctor make house calls, but you can also bring your computer into the office five days a week between 9am and 5pm.

Small Business Support

Mountain PC-MD offers big city knowledge to small town businesses.  We are here to help you set up file servers, print servers, network printers, offsite backups and many other small business services.  Being a small business ourselves we understand how important it is to be up and running smoothly all the time.  We do our best to respond to your needs in a very timely fashion to minimize the time that your computer is down.

Service Area

Mountain PC-MD services all of Rabun County GA including: Sky Valley, Dillard, Mountain City, Clayton, Tiger, Lakemont, Wiley, and Tallulah Falls.  We will make service calls to any of the houses on Lake Burton, Lake Rabun and Lake Seed.  We  also support Otto, NC and Scaly Mountain, NC.  If you live outside of these areas feel free to bring your computer into our shop.