Mountain PC-MD is owned and operated by Rabun native, Kyle Rolader.  Kyle has been drawn to computers since age 8, when his parents bought him his first computer. Kyle grew up spending his summers working with his father in the surveying business. When surveying went digital, Kyle was thankful to find an excuse to be out of the woods and away from the poison ivy.  After graduating from Rabun County High School, Kyle went on to graduate from Georgia State.  While in Atlanta, he landed an IT job working with a large consulting company.  Realizing that city life wasn’t for him, Kyle moved back to Rabun.  In 2003, he opened Mountain PC-MD, after realizing that this community needed more IT solutions.  His parents allowed him to share office space with their surveying business in return for always making sure their computers would run smoothly.  In 2006, he married his high school sweetheart, Lauren.  Lauren and Kyle’s parents have played a large part in the success of the business.  When Kyle is out of the office, it is either Lauren or LaVerne (Kyle’s mother) who answers the phone or greets the customers.  Kyle does everything in his power to keep his customers happy and satisfied.  If you were to ask your friends who to call for computer support, they would tell you to call Kyle, The Computer Doctor.